Mazda UK Car Configurator

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 16:07

Car manufacturer launch a different web application for customizing the car everytime they introduce a new model.

But Mazda UK came up with a new online car configurator with many more functions and uses. You can configure, save and compare up to three cars and also get a live finance quote for the car you designed!

Available cars range from the newly upgraded Mazda2, or the new Mazda5, all the way to the MX-5, the world’s biggest selling Roadster – with the option to save the configured car to their desktop as wallpaper or send to a friend.

The realistic image of a configured vehicle can be viewed as a 180° rotation, or in two outdoor locations. Interiors can be viewed as a large image which can also be updated so the customer can see their preferred series and trim. The customer can also configure the exterior by selecting the body colour, wheel design and accessories, all of which update the car on screen as they’re picked.

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