Mazda Launches Fleet App

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 01:27
Having dedicated applications used to be a luxury for car makers to brag about. But it’s becoming a business necessity gradually. Mazda for example launched a new app for its fleet-dedicated mobile website. Mazda is further expanding its communications with fleet customers – both fleet decision-makers and company car drivers – as well as prospects by Utilising LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the internet with more than nine million members in the UK, and sponsoring the Fleet Academy – a web-based forum where fleet professionals can share news, views and opinions with others in the fleet industry. The site contains up-to-date details on the comprehensive Mazda range including images and video footage. With the fleet business growing and the money involved getting bigger, we can say this effort by Mazda is  genius solution to score more sales. mazda-launches-fleet-app-2679968-3298974-4960158 Comments: Leading the way is a ‘made for smartphone’ fleet website – Mazda’s fleet-specific mobile phone website which went live this month – has been ‘right-sized’ to make access and usage efficient and straight-forward. Mazda believes it is one of the first fleet-specific mobile phone websites to be launched by a motor manufacturer. Michael Stewart, Manager Fleet and Used Car Marketing at Mazda UK, said: “Technology and methods of communication are changing rapidly and the fleet-dedicated initiatives we are introducing enable two-way interaction with existing customers and prospects at times convenient to them and while they are on the move.” Stewart explained: “Few if any motor manufacturers have a dedicated fleet site that has been specifically designed for smartphone use. Most sites are not designed for mobile phone use and many use incompatible technology. “We already use electronic methods of communication such as e-mail to interact with our corporate customers and in turn they use similar ways to contact Mazda. As many of the messages communicated are accessed via a smartphone, we felt it was vital to provide our customers with a dedicated mobile site designed to make interacting with Mazda even easier.” The new LinkedIn site also goes live this month and has two facets:
  • A Mazda fleet profile section highlighting its complete model range and new launches.
  • Two forum sections with one targeted at employees with fleet responsibility in small and medium sized companies and another at full time fleet professionals. Information will be available on Mazda and its model range and key industry issues and topics such as: tax, legislation, fuel pricing, telematics, service maintenance and repair costs and vehicle funding.

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