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A number of brothers established Maserati. They were Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, Ernesto, and Mario where each one was involved in some aptitude. These brothers worked together to build their own cars for their company Maserati. One brother named Alfieri, left the company after a car accident and his other three brothers Bindo Ettore and Ernesto kept the work going on.

In early 37s, the remaining brothers sold the company to Adolfo Orsi and the company was relocated to Modena. Although; the brothers did not completely leave the company and worked as engineers in the company as they were doing in the first place this resulted in Maserati to a 1940 victory in the Indianapolis 500 and another victory there after a year. When WWII smack, the brothers were producing manufacturing parts for the Italy War Machine, although after war they went back to the place where they were building cars.

During 50s, they continued to manufacture cars that could not be beaten by any other manufacturing company but an accident caused them to discontinue the work and left it for others. In late 50s, they started to work on road cars rather than racing vehicles and introduced a number of startling road vehicles from the Spider to the Ghibli. Citroen bought Orsi in late 1968 but did not leave the company.


With the passage of time, Maserati revolutionized, lots of vehicle models were introduced, innovative technologies were adopted and consequently thousands of people purchased their vehicles. This work was preceded until 1973 oil crisis. Citroen went bankrupt, and they closed Maserati cars. But Italian government came forward and helped Maserati. Allesandro de Tomaso got hold of this company and led it into a successful time. In 1993, the company was sold to Fiat and after that in 97 Fiat sold half of Maserati to Ferrari. Later on Ferrari completely held over Maserati and developed it as a luxury brand. On the other hand, in 2005 Fiat separated Maserati from Ferrari and bought it under Fiat’s supremacy another time.

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