Maserati Kubang retired for a while after its debut in Beijing

Tue, 09/18/2012 - 11:16
Maserati Kubang stopped at 2012 Beijing Auto Show, after traveling to various places around the world. Maserati Kubang first arrived at the show in Frankfurt. Early emergence of Maserati Kubang not get a good response, because it looks almost the same vehicle with the “Audi Q7″ fatherly rear. The world really can not have the luxury SUV too much now, and construction is underway for a full production version. To display powertrains, Maserati has promised us that the vehicle is actually going to be one of their bespoke creations. Once the concept was borrowed from the platform used Jeep Grand Cherokee. Production possibilities for the Maserati Kubang will not be made in Modena, and Detroit has been rumored as an option. But it could not be ascertained. Maserati Kubang concept will retire for a while after making his debut in Beijing, but it is expected to reappear in the form of production and the final name in time. So we wait for his return will get a positive response. Popular : audi q7 2014,new audi q7 2014,2014 q7,2014 audi q7,q7 2014

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