Luxgen7 SUV Sport

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 20:00

The Taiwanese independent auto maker has unveiled two new special editions at 2011 Taipei Automobile & Accessories Exhibition including LUXGEN7 SUV Sports+ and LUXGEN MPV Elegance+.

The outstanding SUV, which looks to us very like the Hyundai i30, has been given some sporty treatment.

The car applies the black/red two-tone paintwork to enlarge the aura of sporty on the outside. The carbon fiber body garnish radiates with the blacken headlight and the blacken wing-shaped tail lamps, and together with the 20-inch sporty alloy wheels as well as the sporty quad exhaust outlets crate a good looking car.


The interior treatment includes black/red two-tone suede seats, the suede steering wheel, the carbon fiber center console trim, and the aluminum sporty paddles, all further elaborate the sporty features into full play.

With the new models Luxgen expects to reach an outstanding sales performance during the turn of 2010 and 2011 to benefit from the time when customers tend to change their cars, the economic recovery, and during the period of 2011 Taipei Automobile & Accessories Exhibition. These models are not destined for Europe and America.

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