LUXGEN LIFE+ Showroom In Vietnam

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 19:01
We know that Luxgen’s new showroom in Vietnam is irrelevant news to 99.5 percent of you, but for that 0.5 percent we should cover it! LUXGEN opened the new Vietnam LUXGEN LIFE+ Showroom in Hanoi, the presence is the third, following LUXGEN’s opening in Pingyang Province and Ho Chi Minh City. The new facility spearheads LUXGEN’s preliminary expansion in Vietnam. Being a young automobile brand entering the global market, every year is a record year for LUXGEN. Following the establishment of the brand in the Republic of Dominic in Central America last year, the expansions in Vietnam marked an important milestone and breakthrough of the car brand from Taiwan. There’s still a long way ahead for the Taiwanese brand to reach markets on the west of Asia! Access to another new market will be accomplished later with the official launch of LUXGEN products in China the third quarter of 2011. Luxgen press release: The independent automobile brand from Taiwan, LUXGEN, recently announced its third LIFE+ Showroom in Vietnam. The fast expansion of LUXGEN LIFE+ Showrooms suggests that the brand is well-prepared and determined to serve customers in Vietnam. With the increase of its presence in Vietnam, LUXGEN celebrated with prominent guests including Chief of Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office, Hanoi, Vietnam, Mr. Huang, Chih-peng; President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Vu Tien Loc; and the Secretary-General of Taiwan Affairs Committee in Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Si Hong. Around 200 guests participated in the launch event with activities such as a golf tournament and party to strengthen the connections and interactions between LUXGEN and the local communities. LUXGEN is also pleased to announce the establishment of its dealership. The Director of Vietnam LUXGEN, Mr. Hsieh Ming Hui, said: “We are very proud to present the strong technological and automobile design capabilities of Taiwan through the independent brand LUXGEN. We are receiving high interest and solid demand for LUXGEN models. With the expansion of our LIFE+ Showrooms, we will offer a more convenient and better service to our customers.” The LUXGEN LIFE+ Showrooms showcase the brand’s spirit of “Think Ahead” in consistent with LUXGEN’s showroom design on the global standard. Through a cutting-edge interactive showroom as well as key retail design elements based on human factors, customers can fully experience the brand’s “Think Ahead” ethos in the spacious showrooms. Currently two successful stars of the brand are available in the Vietnamese market, the LUXGEN7 MPV and SUV. By the end of 2011, LUXGEN will have a three model line-up here with the executive flagship LUXGEN7 CEO being introduced into the Vietnamese market to serve the demands of top-end customers on executive luxury models. Senior Vice President Mr. Vincent Tsao opened the new LIFE+ Showroom and commented, “LUXGEN is well-prepared to its global expansions in providing the most ‘Think Ahead’ products to the global markets. Our products are no doubt in a strong portfolio of innovation and competitiveness. The support from our partner here enables us to have this significant progress in Vietnam, and we would like to pay our sincere gratitude to Vietnam LUXGEN.”

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