Luxgen 7 CEO

Fri, 07/23/2010 - 16:09

You might have never heard of Luxgen, but they are Taiwan’s biggest, and as far as we know only, car maker which is quite successful as well.

Here’s their latest model, which is a special edition dubbed the CEO. Based on the Luxgen 7 minivan, the car’s name gives a clue about its purpose.

On the surface it appears to be just a minivan that’s been blinged up a bit with chrome and big wheels, but inside the car it’s been modeled on private aircrafts and offers the same level of comfort and luxury. It is designed to transport incredibly important people around in style!

The rear cabin LED ambient lights and two Ottoman seats covered in rich Nappa leather guarantees each, the Ottoman seats come with pneumatic massage function, cushion ventilation and heated seatbacks to offer total comfort and relaxation. More than that, the rear cabin of LUXGEN7 CEO incorporates an independent rear cabin climate control system and an independent air circulation function to constantly supply fresh air for the prestigious passengers to enjoy.

LUXGEN7 CEO has an integrated cinema-grade media entertainment system equipped with hi-fi JBL speakers for incredible listening experience. Moreover, the viewing angle of the 10.2-inch LCD screen located above the centre partition divider can be easily adjusted remotely.

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