Looking at the 2011 BMW Z4

Wed, 12/29/2010 - 12:44

There’s a new high-performance model that’s joining the BMW Z4 lineup this 2011. The Z4 is a convertible sporting a hard top equipped with power retraction. It can seat up to 2 passengers.

There are three trim levels for the Z4. Each of these levels has a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder engine. In this light, two models are worthy of notice, namely (1) the sDrive 30i, and (2) the sDrive 35i. The sDrive 30i is powered with 255 hp, while the 35is runs on 335 hp. Standard to both models is the 6-speed manual transmission, but a 6-speed automatic is optional in the case of the sDrive 30i. For the sDrive 35i and 35is the 7-speed dual clutch automated manual transmission is optional. This behaves just like an automatic.


This lineup has a standard set of safety features comprising of an antilock brake system (ABS), traction control, antiskid system, and airbags on the side.

Traction control effectively prevents the vehicle from losing traction while you drive. Traction is essential for effective turning, braking, and acceleration for the vehicle. Without it, your vehicle is more likely to lose grip and will skid when you attempt to maneuver.

Antilock brake system, more commonly referred to as ABS, makes sure that your vehicle’s wheels don’t lock up and stop turning when you hit the brakes. When the system detects that a wheel will be locked by the brakes, it will release the brake and allow the wheel to continue to roll.

Antiskid system prevents skidding by applying independent brakes on any of the wheels through ABS when your vehicle loses grip, effectively bringing it back on course.

It also has Dynamic Drive Control that BMWs are known for. It lets the driver adjust settings on throttle, steering response, and traction control. This is a standard features for all models on the lineup.

Leather upholstery as well as automatic climate control are standard features for the sDrive 35i and 35is, but optional for the sDrive 30i. The automatic climate control ensures that the conditions inside the car are maintained to your preferred setting to suit your driving comfort needs. Leather upholstery, on the other hand, is can only be a good addition to the car’s interior.

The rest of the optional features include two systems. One is the navigation system, which allows you to refer to a road database (using GPS technology) and locate roads and nearby locations on-screen while driving. The other system is called a “through-loading” system. It facilitates a pass-through for luggage, skis, golf bags, etc. towards the passenger compartment.

In an expert evaluation, the sDrive 30i with automatic transmission bagged a higher total score of 58 than the average 53.6 that most premium-sporty performance cars within its class would get.

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