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Thu, 04/16/2009 - 13:17

Lincoln was established in 1917 by Henry M. Leland but after few years Ford bought it. When Henry M. Leland left GM’s Cadillac, he went and adhere Lincoln to put up aircraft motors throughout the First World War, and when war ended the company was re-tooled to manufacture Luxury Automobiles.

Lincoln Motors in United States:

After that, the company had face some tough time and was bought by ford in the process


In United States, Lincoln became one of the two top Luxury car sellers where Cadillac came on number one. During 30s, Lincoln remained victorious and launched a number of ground-breaking designs. Lincoln Continental car was introduced as the most imperative and indispensable car and it was manufactured three times from 39 to 48, 56 to 57, and finally 61 to 2002.

Lincoln is manufacturing cars for United States Presidents since about 1939 and it has introduced presidential limos for almost every president. Lincoln had strong few years ago but it is facing a decline recently because of increasing luxury imports from Asia.


In 1998, the company gained the title of best selling in the United States. These days, company has decided to introduce five new models among which two have been already brought in. These innovative models probably will increase Lincoln’s market share.

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