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In 1989 Toyota introduced Lexus, which is a clone of the Acura Japanese Luxury vehicle model. These vehicles are sold in a number of countries and regions and have a status as a good quality luxury vehicle. According to the survey of owners of near about fifty thousands cars, Lexus Motors were considered best among all other car companies in United States as it brought high quality and reliability as well.

In early 1983, the chairman of Toyota planned to introduce something grand and remarkable in cars manufacturing field but he kept it under enfold and named this plan highly secretive F1 project.


Requirements for Innovative Vehicles:

After that, a number of researchers in United States began to study the upper class life style, the way they normally make use of their cash and alike. As a consequence of this research, it was suggested that Toyota definitely would require producing innovative vehicle models and brands and a new network of sellers as well.

Flagship LS 400:

Afterward they introduced a tremendous marketing unit of advertisers to raise with a name and of course an efficient approach to market it. Initially they adopted some names for instance Alexis, Chaparel and others but they finally selected Lexus. Lexus was introduced in 1989 and the company began to raise its profits to a great extent and then they produced flagship LS 400.  This car showed tremendous performance in case of its design, noise handling, and fuel usage. All these quality attributes enabled it to go up against BMW and Benz. During its first year of production, it raised sales up to 63k, followed by 70k next year and finally 320k last year. For this reason, it acquired the title as a largest auto seller for luxury cars

Latest Improvements:

For improvements, four sedans, a convertible coupe, and three utes were supposed in the lineup for Lexus and the company decided to introduce other performance vehicles as well for instance the new F-series along with the LF-Sh hybrid.

Future Outlook:

With the passage of time, Lexus has focused to put in assets in high quality engineering at the same time as it kept cost down. Along with this, it has introduced lots of modern technologies in its vehicles for instance on screen navigation, back seat screens etc. By all these reasons, Lexus seems to have a bright future.

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