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Ferruccio Lamborghini introduced Lamborghini in 1963. Ferruccio Lamborghini’s son told about how his father bought Ferrari 250 GT and experienced a problem in its clutch which was not functioning properly. After that Ferruccio took his car to Enzo and asked him about this problem, Enzo replied that Ferruccio should depart and start drive tractors as according to Enzo, Ferruccio could not drive cars. So Ferruccio Lamborghini went back and discovered that his tractor has the same manufacturer for the clutch as his car, so he repaired the car’s clutch problem on his own. Then Ferruccio Lamborghini proceeded and manufactured a car which was better than Ferrari.

Lamborghini on Scene:

For this course, Lamborghini decided to introduce a car with fast speed, better performance, and maximum reliability as compared to Ferrari. Then he planned to hire Giotto Bizzarrini to help him in designing his new car. This car was planned to have 4 cams in the new engine, two huge bore valves per cylinder, a shorter strike and it was thus able to draw off an impious 350 horses. Therefore he made use of 350 prototypes in his Lamborghini.

400 GT:

After that he sold 130 cars and manufactured 400 GT and raised his sales to a great extent. Lamborghini expanded his savings and made himself able to work on new projects to produce more powerful and expensive vehicles for instance Lamborghini Miura which he introduced in 1965. The company was moving forward successfully and made huge developments until 1972 when a considerable tractor order was canned and more improvements could not be primed to facilitate tractors.

But Lamborghini soon sold the tractor part of his business to Fiat. Then the company kept on to move ahead and finally became independent until oil crisis. Actually Chrysler stopped buying Lamborghini and after that sold it and Audi finished up it.

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