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Jeep was designed in 1941, although it did not start on life as Jeep. Actually, it was a prototype for the Army by American Bantam, named the Bantam BRC. It the finished with other prototypes as well for instance prototypes built by Ford and others by Willys Overland. The Bantam gained popularity in case of vehicle’s working but its engine did not fulfill the requirements. The army also thought that the Bantam was very small and just had one plant in it, however Willys won the contract. As they were small in size, Ford built Willys Jeep and it fulfilled all Military needs. Throughout the Second World War more than six thousands jeeps were manufactured and as a result it found its uses in about everything (from supplies to troop transportation, to water crossing as well)

Jeep Versions

Due to its fame and performance, Jeep was copied around the world under license and without license as well and lots of versions were made. For instance there were railroad jeeps that ran on roads and water jeeps that worked like boats and as a part of Second World War, these jeeps were given to Red Army. In recent times, jeep has been replaced by Mutt and Humvee.


Chrysler acquired Willys and that’s why Willys holds the brand name to the Jeep and it is the authorized owner of all vehicle designs as well as copyright considering it. On the other hand, Chrysler was not the first one to acquire it immediately, as there were lots of others. In this way Willys Jeep went to Kaiser, which went to AMC, then AMC went to Renault for a shirt bit, and lastly Chrysler. Although later on Chrysler went to Daimler and Daimler then sold Chrysler.


Jeep Manufacturing Lines

These days Jeep motors manufactures six foremost lines and some sub-lines as well. Where Jeep Wranglers is their all around truck, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is their massive SUV line (which has five sub styles), the Jeep Liberty is their little SUV, the Jeep Commander is their most recent SUV having seven person capacity, the Jeep Compass is a crossover SUV that is designed and manufactured on the base of Dodge Caliber, and at last the Jeep Patriot, their one more small SUV founded on that Dodge vehicle.

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