Jeep at 2012 Paris Motor Show

Jeep at 2012 Paris Motor Show

Jeep, as you know, is at the beginning of its new era in Europe and they want it to be good. That’s why they are coming to the Paris Motor Show with a lineup of special editions from their finest offerings to charm that pants off hard to please Europeans!

The lineup includes the Grand Cherokee SRT Limited Edition, the newest limited-edition model of the high-performance Jeep flagship, the Jeep Wrangler Moab, the latest special-edition model of the iconic Wrangler, and also the Jeep Compass Overland special series – the most premium version of the Compass ever produced- which makes its European debut at the show.

The Compass and the Moab Wrangler are typical Jeeps. Good off-road, but not very desirable to live with everyday. The SRT though, that’s a hugely appealing prospect as it comes with a 470 horsepower HEMIV8 engine.


Jeep press release:

In the spotlights of the Jeep stand in Paris, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Limited Edition model is available exclusively in Bright White. This special-edition vehicle is based on the high-performance SRT model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and boasts a distinctive look with blacked-out details and the powerful 6.4-liter HEMI engine producing 468 horsepower. The new SRT Limited Edition model pays tribute to all those extreme sports-car enthusiasts who want to stand out from the crowd, even on high-adrenaline race tracks.

Beside the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Limited Edition model, the Jeep brand debuts in Paris the new Jeep Wrangler Moab special-edition model. Showcased in the all-new Rock Lobster body color, this new factory-customized Wrangler is inspired by the American region of Moab, Utah, well-known for outdoor activities and off-road adventures. The new Wrangler Moab model adds an aggressive and trendy look to the Jeep 4×4 champion.

Showcased in Paris for its European premiere, the new Jeep Compass Overland special-edition model brings new elegance and premium appointments to the urban compact SUV of the Jeep family. With a rich offering of infotainment features, the new Overland is the most exclusive model in the Compass lineup.

Other vehicles also displayed at this year’s Paris Motor Show include the Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited, the new trim line of the brand’s flagship; the Jeep Wrangler Mountain, the special-edition model of the iconic Wrangler launched in Europe last June; and the new limited-edition Jeep Compass Black Edition introduced in the European Jeep lineup in August.

Jeep Brand Stand at 2012 Paris Motor Show
Located inside of Hall 1, the Jeep brand’s exhibition area in Paris covers 984 square-meters and is designed to communicate to the visitors the versatility that belongs to Jeep SUVs as well as their ability to express the extraordinary dynamic characteristics of the brand in the most diverse environments: in the city as well as on challenging off-road tracks.

Inside the stand, the curvilinear design of the floor surface reproduces different terrains found in the real world and suggests their peculiarities through the special combination of materials and colors: the resin-treated white pavement conveys the effect of a trail in an icy landscape; the slate-grey material suggests the asphalt of roadways; and the resin-treated pavement with beige coloring creates the effect of sand dunes in the desert.

The backdrops and the columns delimiting the exposition area welcome the visitor in a modern, contemporary metropolis where large LED surfaces covering the columns’ facades create the effect of skyscrapers and interact with the screen placed on the wall in the background. Here, emotional videos will feature the unique personality of each Jeep model.

Written by Petra

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