Jaguar C-X75 hybrid going into production

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 01:53
British luxury car manufacturer, Jaguar & Land Rover, today, May 6, 2011, make sure to produce a hybrid sports car, Jaguar C-X75 hybrid. The plan, jet-powered car called it produced in 2013 and priced 700-900 thousand pounds sterling. Jaguar partnership with Williams F1 team in the manufacture of Jaguar C-X75. The deal, a momentous decision earnest that does affect everything Jaguar for decades to come, was announced in London this morning by Tata chief Carl-Peter Forster, with Sir Frank Williams in attendance. Jaguar claims will produce Jaguar C-X75 hybrid only 250 units. Of that number, 50 units have a racing version. Until now Jaguar has not officially announced the specification of technology which would be carried by a hybrid car. However, some sources said the car was going to carry a conventional engine 1600 cc four-cylinder engine and an electric motor with a capacity for 140 kilo watt (kW). Combined both expected to generate power to 1,000 horsepower. Armed with the power of it, Jaguar C-X75 hybrid capable of racing up to 330 kilometers per hour (kpj). At the time, the project’s lead engineer Nigel Taylor forecasting a top speed around 205 mph, 0-60 mph acceleration in around three seconds, 0-100 mph in 5.5 seconds, and most remarkable of all a 0-300km / h (186 mph ) time of just 5.15 seconds. Interestingly, although docking is only done once in six hours, but the Jaguar C-X75 hybrid able to travel distances up to 100 kilometers (km). In fact, the range of Jaguar C-X75 hybrid can be extended to 900 km. It was thanks to the use of micro gas turbine in charge of charging a battery or electric motor plays it strait. In other words, the gas turbine is the heart of the electric motor. The device developed by Jaguar with Bladon Jets, a specialist engineering company British gas turbine, mounted on four wheels Jaguar C-X75 hybrid.

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