It's Summer: Time to shine up your car

Wed, 04/27/2016 - 13:45
Oh the joys of summer time. Long days, sunny skies, and 100-degree days like the one we’re having here in D.C. today. (Ick!) Shining up my car is definitely one activity that makes me nostalgic for summer (and a driveway to wash it in!). To me, nothing feels better than riding around in clean car. I feel like a bird puffing out my chest with pride when I zoom through traffic in a pristine, squeaky, sparkly car. The summer evenings are perfect for cleaning and waxing your car – not just because they’re cooler and usually rain-free, but also because it’s a good time to properly maintain the exterior of your vehicle. Five things to do so that your car shines this season:
  1. Vacuum it – Still haven’t sucked up all that sand from your recent family trip to the beach? Always vacuum first, that way the dust doesn’t get on your nice, clean car and windows after all of your hard work.
  2. (Hand) Wash it- Did those pesky tweens from next door write “wash me” with their fingertips on the back of your minivan? They may have a point. Grab the hose and rinse your ride down from top to bottom (don’t forget the undercarriage and the wheels!). Then use a clean bucket with car soap and wash top to bottom as well.Best Cars Guide TIP:  When washing your car, never bring the rag from the bottom upward on the car. This can traipse dirt and rocks elsewhere, scratching your paint (gasp!).
  3. Detail it - Can’t see out the rear windows because of your toddler’s fingerprints or your dog’s snout marks? Don’t forget to wipe down your car’s glass for that extra squeaky clean feel. Got leather? Consider a leather conditioner to keep it moisturized and crack free. Got cloth (that smells musty)? Dump the air freshener for a car shampoo.
  4. Wax it – Do those rain drops never seem to roll off your car’s hood the way they do in the advertisements? It’s probably time you waxed your car again. If your car is garaged, then you’re probably safe to wax your car once or twice per year. If it’s not, then you should wax it every 4-6 months.
  5. Update it – Windshield wipers not fending off those treacherous summer T-storms? Be sure to check them for wear and tear. Wipers should be replaced more often than you might think (every 6 months or so depending on the climate where you live).

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