Interior Infiniti EX37 by Tuner Vilner

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 01:57
Infiniti gave a confidence to Vilner, the tuner from Bulgaria to change the interior design of the Infiniti EX37. Vilner change EX7 interior is much more luxurious and elegant. EX7 entire interior is covered with aniline leather for upholstery, doors as well as some parts on the dashboard. The combination of colors was made more compatible, with the merger of the old red, brown and black. The entire seat stitched with some carvings that make an impression of elegance in the interior is revealed. Vilner also have to choose leather upholstery with high quality and durability is much nicer. Some parts such as roof, Vilner trying to redesign the roof is given a classic touch with a color corresponding to the seat and dashboard. In addition to changes in the seat as well as an interesting mix of colors, Vilner also change the sound system is much more leverage EX7. Vilner EX7 has a tuner made ??with premium quality sound with AUDISON processors, amplifiers Ground Zero. Quality sound system is much better than the original version. Vilner interior package is offered which can be booked sales of aftermarket Infiniti EX7 consumers who want the interior of the car is much more elegant and quality.

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