Infiniti M35h Hybrid

Wed, 08/18/2010 - 11:02

Like every other manufacturer, Infiniti too is developing new series of hybrids vehicles to bring their overall CO2 rating low and cover new emission standards.

Unlike most of the other car makers though Infiniti is also concerned about performance and handling. They want to create “Driver’s Hybrid”.

Take the new M35h which will go on sale next year. the car has a very efficient hybrid drivetrain consisting of a V6 petrol unit and a 50 kW (68 PS) electric motor, mated to a 7-speed auto transmission, working with the sophisticated one motor/two clutch system. This is obviously not a recipe for disaster, is it!

The car also gets new and very advanced systems for steering and braking, which provide top-notch driving experience while also help with the economy.

They include electro-hydraulic steering system with “on-demand” assistance and Electric Driven Intelligent Brake. They are mostly like the conventional systems but use electronics in addition to the traditional mechanical features to improve efficiency. Electro motors are used to help hydraulic steering, and also for braking to provide additional force.

Another benefit of both the new steering and braking systems is that they work with the innovative drivetrain to enhance the driving experience rather than dilute it in the manner of some hybrid vehicles. Designed to be fast and responsive with a strong sporting bias to the rear-wheel drive handling, the Infiniti M35h aims to deliver an exhilarating drive in all situations.

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