Infiniti LE Details

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 13:45
AS the Infiniti LE concept prepares for its official European debut at the Paris Motor Show, the car maker released further details of this electric sedan that is based on the Nissan Leaf and is aimed at cars like the Chevrolet Volt. Staying true to the Infiniti creed of Inspired Performance, the LE Concept is designed to stimulate rather than sedate on the road. This is achieved by a high performance electric motor with 100kW (134PS), along with 325Nm (240lb ft) of torque. The battery system is a proven laminated 24 kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) design with a ChaDeMo DC50kW quick charger that can deliver an 80% charge in 30 minute. Those are all average figures, but given the fact that it’s basically a sedan version of the Leaf, they’re kinda understandable. Still, if Infiniti is serious about making it they should improve it, and not just in terms of technical features, but the design as well. Further details in Infinit press release below: Combining driving appeal with zero emissions in a dramatically-styled compact saloon body, the all-electric LE Concept is being shown in Paris with a pledge that a production version will be on sale in selected markets in around two years’ time. The showroom model will not only share the LE Concept’s advanced powertrain but also much of its design character – one that shouts “dynamic luxury” rather than “electric vehicle”.  Also in line for production are its highly crafted cabin and user-friendly technology – including the possibility of a ground-breaking wireless recharging system. An all-new design, the four-door saloon body combines dynamism and elegance with signature Infiniti design cues and the latest Infiniti design language. The proportions are typically well balanced, the high rear deck injecting a sensation of movement. Up front, there’s the expected double-arch grille but here it also features a charging port hidden beneath the illuminated centre Infiniti emblem. The LED headlights and taillights echo the design direction of Infiniti’s recent concepts, as do the crescent-cut rear pillar and strong shoulder line, which express flowing movement. The front spoiler, rear diffuser and side aero fins – all glowing with integrated illumination – contribute to an impressive Cd (drag coefficient) of 0.25. At around 4.7m long, the LE Concept is a similar size to the Infiniti G Saloon, supporting Infiniti’s belief that zero emissions does not have to mean small. Nor does it mean plain: the cabin is that of a true luxury car, capitalising on the silence of the electric drivetrain to provide a tranquil ride at all speeds. Next-generation instrumentation and connectivity are previewed by the LE Concept, but being an Infiniti, hospitality – evidenced by its soft lighting, excellent visibility and welcoming openness – is just as important.  The LE Concept does not compromise either on roominess or comfort. The advanced packaging solution of placing the lithium-ion batteries under the floor not only provides a no-compromise approach to luggage and passenger room, but also contributes to the vehicle’s low centre of gravity, enhancing handling. A luxury car for a new generation of sustainable luxury buyers must not compromise on performance. Buyers want ‘green,’ but won’t settle for any aspect of the driving experience being less than that of their current luxury vehicles,” said Bernard Loire. The LE Concept’s zero emissions credentials and pure approach to luxury define a new class of compact premium electric vehicles that Infiniti intends to lead when a production version goes on sale, scheduled for 2014.

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