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Adam Opel was born in 1837. In 1863, he established a manufacturing machines company for sewing. His company gained huge popularity and became the largest company in his native country Germany and in Europe as well. After that, he started producing bicycles too. His company could not produce mass production of cars after 1895. After three years passed, his company made an agreement with Darracq. In this agreement, Darracq has to make up and produce the chassis and Opel was assigned to manufacture and produce the car bodies they were amassing. These early works among Darracq and Opel were called as Opel- Darracq and gained popularity. Unfortunately, company got fired in 1911 which destroyed all its main manufacturing facilities and company was then constructed again to proceed. This new company worked well as it introduced latest machineries in that period. At last in 1913 the company received the name of largest car manufacturing company in Germany.

Opel and General Motors:

In 1928, a large American corporation ‘General Motors’ bought 80% stock and share in the Opel car company. GM took started along with Vauxhall. GM cars were sold across the world. Basically its products were designed and manufactured by Opel and Vauxhall took small part In this regard. Now, Opel is being sold under the Vauxhall name.

Opel Plants:

After that Buick sold Opel cars as an import at their car dealerships in late 50s to the mid of 70s. This sale was considered as established sale to Japan. In 90s, this sale increased to produce 40,000 automobiles, on the other hand it came down to just 1,800 automobiles in last year and then selling Opel in Japan was suspended. Recently, a Diesel hybrid vehicle is added to Opel’s manufacturing line. Opel has its plants in Europe (in Bochum, Eisenach, and Kaiserslautern,) and in Spain, Poland, Belgium, and Vauxhall’s UK plant

Oepl had a plant in Portugal too but later it was closed in 2006 because of the boycott of the Opel brand in Portugal.

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