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Thu, 09/24/2009 - 09:12

Land Rover is the oldest vehicle because it was introduced ahead of brand jeep and later than the jeep vehicle. Land Rover cars are seemed to be inspired by old jeeps that were designed and manufactured during the Second World War. Maurice Wilks designed Land Rover at the time when he was in design department of British company Rover.

Land Rover First Design:

The first design was created on jeep framework and manufactured with aluminum and alloy materials rather than steel (because of steel shortage during war). Therefore, this first Land Rover came with full reliability and high performance capabilities and appeared with many shades of green. In the time period, it was broadcasted that the Land Rover has made thousands of miles on just banana oil as it had the engine with 2.5L 4 cylinders that were too simple and easy to repair as well. But later on Land Rover motors adopted quite complex engines.

Land Rover and Other Vehicles:

After that, Land Rover began to raise its sales and gained huge popularity across the world regions for instance Africa, South America, Asia and Australia. On the other hand in 1970s, Land Rovers experienced sales decline in these regions due to Japanese and Korean made vehicles that were of low cost as well.

In Britain, Land Rover has turned down because of cheap and inexpensive Asian vehicles that are quite favorable.

Cost and Reliability Problems:

These days Land Rovers have dropped off its repute due to less cost effectiveness and less reliability where Jaguar’s engines were used in Land Rovers which led them many reliability problems.

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