Handsfree Review | Spigen Premium Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount and iPhone 6 Plus

Sat, 04/23/2016 - 18:59

One of the easiest ways to reduce your chances of being distracted while driving is to purchase a phone mount for your car. Let’s say you prefer to use the maps offered on your smartphone versus an in-car navigation system or even a third-party GPS, then a phone mount can be a huge help.

We talked with colleagues who are also passionate about distraction-free driving, and in our conversations, learned about a magnetic air vent mount by Spigen. The best part? No awkward fumbling with clips to snap your phone in place. Spigen’s premium mount uses six small but mighty Hexa Neodymium Core magnets to “grab” your phone with ease. For just $13 on Amazon, we think the premium mount is worth the extra few bucks to have 360° rotation of your phone, maximizing your ability to position it based on changing sunlight or even the passenger tilting it toward them for ease of use.

What we love about the Spigen Premium Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

  • This mount is strong enough to grip your massive smartphone with ease…like our iPhone 6 Plus. (We’d venture to say this would also hold an iPad Mini!)
  • This mount is a great way to show navigation and to use Siri if your car isn’t outfitted with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • Its axis allows you to rotate your device 360° and lock it in place
  • Six powerful magnets hold your phone in place even on the bumpiest, pot-hole-ridden roads
  • By latching onto the air vents, the mount keeps your mobile out of the way — no more blocking the windshield and your field of view as the driver
  • You can orient the phone portrait or landscape
  • The 3M adhesive used to mount the magnetic square on your phone or phone case is legitimately strong — it’s not going anywhere

The only downsides of the Spigen mount we purchased is that the rubber mount clips may not fit with all air vents. Oh, and if you’ve got the massive iPhone 6 Plus like we do, then you can count on closing the air in those vents (if you can) because it’s going to get blocked by your phone.

Step-by-Step guide to preparing your new Spigen Premium Car Mount

Spigen Premium Air Vent Mount kit with magnets and anti-scratch protection (2 per $13 pack). Prep your smartphone by cleaning it before attaching Spigen magnet square. A simple alcohol or lens wipe should suffice. Be sure to wipe the back of the phone, too, if you’re mounting the magnet to your device. A protective film can be attached here *before* the magnet to keep from damaging your phone. Clean the case, too! Everything’s clean, so let’s get started! Peel off the 3M protective backing to reveal the sticky adhesive. Magnet placement is key. Be sure it’s centered on your phone or case. here’s how it looks once attached to the case. A case that’s not clear would easily hide the wafer-thin magnet strip. img_1583-4328939-scaled-6251772-4096960 Attached, the phone can easily rest in landscape position. Or rotate to portrait. The back twists to loosen or tighten the axis. The Spigen Premium Air Vent Mount is optimal for navigation. Mounted iPhone 6 Plus inside a Lexus GX460. Here’s the navigation in action. img_1578-3111735-scaled-8028816-3058079 Total package! Spigen Premium Air Vent Mount

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