Front Wheel Bearings for Honda Civic Guide

Thu, 07/28/2011 - 15:22

The Honda Civic has a double-wishbone front suspension system as well as pressed-in wheel bearings that are usually called hub bearings. This system is hard-wearing and light in weight, normally ideal for the small vehicle such as nimble Civic. If the wheel bearings get damaged, it should be replaced with new one with a press to keep away from damaging the new bearing or the steering knuckle.

Removing the Steering Knuckle:

Try to remove the steering knuckle in a logical order. It is usually connected with the rest of the suspension by the ball joints, the tie rod end plus the drive axle nut. You have to begin by removing the axle nut. For this reason you will need a long breaker bar otherwise air-powered impact gun. If you select to use the breaker bar method, ask someone to grasp the brakes at the same time as you loosen the axle nut. This results in putting off the vehicle to move and fall off the jack.

Now carry on removing the steering knuckle by taking out the tie rod end; it will allow steering knuckle to easily move for accessing the residual fasteners. After removing the axle nut and tie rod, you can further remove the ball joints. It is better to remove the lower ball joint first because it will let the axle to slip out of the hub. After that the upper ball joint can be made free and thus steering knuckle surface easily.

Where to Get the Bearing Pressed In:

As the bearing is a pressed-in unit, you can find it from a local auto parts store otherwise repair shop. At these places they will take away the lock rings and then use a hydraulic pressure to press the old bearing out. Afterward they will make it clean and oil the surfaces as well, and finally press the new bearing in to the steering knuckle and put the hub back into the new bearing. This could save your time if you buy the bearing at the auto parts store as you can get reasonable charges there.


Reinstalling the Steering Knuckle:

Reinstalling the steering knuckle is the reverse procedure of its removal. So begin with installing the upper ball joint, after that reinsert the axle and put in the lower ball joint. It will help you doing this procedure if you make clean and grease the splines on the axle and hub thus they can slide communally without problems.

Verify that the ball joints as well as tie rod studs are clean. They are placed into a narrowed hole in the steering knuckle. If you see both of the surfaces are clean, you can then tighten the fasteners as now they would not slip against each other.

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