#DFF: The Distraction Free Fridays Finale

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 20:02

Today wraps up my eight-week-long campaign against distracted driving with fellow auto blogger Carlos Beltran of Beltran About Cars. I must first thank him for reaching out to me to work together on this important initiative. It has been wonderful to work together (well, virtually since he’s in Chicago and I’m in D.C.)! This post is a re-cap of what we did, what we learned, and who we have to thank for our successes. Enjoy!

When we launched in April, it was national distracted driving awareness month – a perfect way to kick off the campaign. Carlos and I divvied up the duties – each of us focusing on different angles of the issue. Our blogs featured the latest news and information on the policies and technologies surrounding distracted driving. We even had the opportunity to interview the nation’s mouthpiece for safe driving, NHTSA Administrator David Strickland.

The last eight Fridays was much more than exploring scary stats and Congressional bills. Distraction Free Fridays taught us how much others care about protecting themselves and others from careless, completely preventable behind-the-wheel behaviors. Although one tweet from the drivers’ seat did have me questioning how serious the automotive enthusiast community takes the issue.In between all the writing, we picked up some true supporters on Twitter and Facebook. Without them we wouldn’t have made such an.

To keep from this sounding like an Academy Award speech, we’d like to say “thanks” by asking you to follow our TOP 10 #DFF supporters on Twitter: @muellersj @bryancarguy @MikeDriehorst  @m5manny @caddyinfo @jill_ciminillo @bprosperi @WELLSTUCK @Empire_Covers @askpatty.

We also managed to put together a contest with real sponsors and a real prize!  Our friends at Sears Automotive and Got2B Wireless were generous to provide a hands-free “The Voice” device for one lucky #DFF winner. Entrants were asked to submit innovative ways to self-discipline against distracted driving. Our winner’s answer had a two-pronged approach – one for tech gurus and the other for anyone with a briefcase (see below).

Congrats to Jill Ciminillo of Drive She Said blog for winning our Distraction Free Fridays Contest & Giveaway!

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