4 Common Road Trip Fails to Avoid this Labor Day Weekend

Tue, 09/20/2016 - 12:20

There were 34.4 and 39.3 million drivers on the road this past Memorial Day and 4th of July holiday weekends, according to Verizon Telematics. If you’re planning a road trip or even a short drive to see friends and family this Labor Day weekend, there’s a good chance you’re not going to be alone when you get behind the wheel of your car.

With an increased number of cars on the road, some travelers are bound to run into roadside problems.


Here are four of the most common vehicle issues that the average driver faces, according to data from Verizon Telematics.

1) When you’ve got an EVAP leak.

A fault in the evaporative emissions control system, EVAP leaks can lead to the smell of fuel inside your car and aggravate air pollution. The smell of fuel spells disaster for your trip on the road, and no one likes air pollution.

2) Your car is not “firing on all cylinders”.

Multiple cylinder misfires mean that you may feel vibrations while idling, have difficulty starting your car and you could experience stalling. Cylinder misfires ultimately lead to bad fuel economy, poor overall performance and emissions problems.

3) A stressed out exhaust system could equal a stressed out driver.

A faulty catalytic converter could be your problem here, which leads to greater emissions into the atmosphere.

4) The dreaded overheated engine.

A coolant thermostat that isn’t functioning properly spells trouble. Hot summer temperatures could put your road trip dreams on ice if an overheated car ends up with a dysfunctional engine.

While running low on snacks or hitting unexpected traffic are minor hiccups, mechanical problems like those listed above can really end your road trip fun. However, knowing what they are and how to manage them is key to a successful road trip. That’s where hum by Verizon can help.

Hum by Verizon is an easy, self-installed solution that helps make almost any car 1996 and newer smarter, safer and more connected.

002_device_homescreen_hum_rgb-300x200-6256263-6724139-9498059hum-product-small-300x295-4812822-9859899-7233025The vehicle diagnostics feature provides the ability to predict and prevent mechanical issues before they become bigger problems by alerting subscribers of insights on their car’s health through the hum smartphone app. For those who lack the capabilities to fix these issues and have their wallet at the mercy of a mechanic, hum also offers an ASE certified mechanics hotline to walk users through these issues. Additional features include speed and boundary alerts, stolen vehicle assistance, and even pinpoint roadside & emergency assistance, should the need ever arise.

Above all, hum’s state-of-the-art technology is there to offer peace of mind and provide assistance before or during your upcoming travels. Being aware of a potential road trip mishap before it escalates can save you time and money – and ultimately set the stage for a stress-free trip!

toddagueverizon-300x300-9834319-1305261-1630614Todd Ague is a Senior Product Leader for Verizon Telematics, where he leads the creation, innovation, user experience, ownership and management for Verizon Telematics aftermarket product lines including hum by Verizon.

Disclaimer: This post is one of several articles part of a paid partnership with hum by Verizon. Our partnership focuses on driver safety, broadening the general awareness of Verizon’s hum product, and at times, will feature Verizon subject matter experts. Those articles will be denoted with an author by-line and this disclosure statement. Social media posts promoting the published articles in this series will be accompanied by the #humBCC and #sponsored hashtags.

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