2010 Citroen DS3-First Drive

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 16:03

The new model of Citroen has been marketed in the European showrooms.  The DS3 pays deference to perhaps one of the most futuristic and revolutionary automobile of the ‘50s. Citroen’s large DS sedan, then in each other way this is regarded a totally contemporary car. This is designed according to the style of French brand’s marketing and it sets the fashionable as well as highly customizable DS3 come apart from its definite competitors. This model that is DS3 is labeled as “anti-reto” car, but it is nearly same as the previous model one but it has some different flavor and it will be felt while anyone driving.

Some special features of this model which could be listed as the roof of DS3’s appears to float when you will find that front view is designed by a wide and open mouth grille topped with the new, double chevron badge of Citroen’s  is soft curve version and bordered by curving strips which is LED. Overall consequence is memorable except the optioning to designer weirdness. For decorating the DS3, potential customers are invited by the Citroen, and there are huge range of accessories and options. There are available four different roof colors to make the actual and fine contrast, a dozen of wheel as well as wheel center colors, there are choice of different chromed or colored rear view mirror for housings and eight different dashboards to strip finishes, seven multi shift knob colors. If you think this is not enough, then there are also four factory applied designs for roof decal and three will be added in July. The Citroen had to develop the online facilities and the sale ‘configuration’ especially for the DS3.

Though it has unique appearance but this model is built on same PSA Euro B-car stage and the C3 with five doors were launched in late 2009. The axle track and wheelbase are same, both model are same in length and width as well. The only big difference which was brought out in this model is height, in which the DS3’s dimension is significantly lower. This is a amusing surprise that you know the Citroen is lacked of suspension as well as steering savvy that is obvious in the last couple of years and it did not match with the current lineup of most of the companies. But now the DS3 is surprisingly different. Its springs, anti roll bars, dampers are all dissimilar from the C3 and they have been skillfully selected. The pinion steering and the recalibration are also done very nicely. Coincidentally the most strong and powerful version of the DS3 used the same turbo four (1.6 liter) as found in the British designed car. In the Citroen version, the engine produces about 156 horsepower (hp) at 6000 rpm as well as 177 lb feet between 1400 to 4000rpm. Now Citroen has planned to introduce automated model versions of its having manual gearboxes from the next year. While the turbo DS3s were the only version which is available for testing at the international introduction in Paris this year, four other engines will be offered in Europe. The limited edition of high performance version of DS3 is scheduled to unveil at the Geneva automobile show in March. Finally the DS3 is one of the most surprising model has been produced in years.

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