Hyundai wants to make August National Fuel Efficiency Month

Sun, 06/24/2012 - 09:04
Hyundai is calling on patriots from all corners of the nation to join together and honor fuel efficiency. That’s right, the Korean-based car maker wants you to help them petition the White House so that August can be deemed ‘National Fuel Efficiency Month.’ Hyundai kicked off its fuel economy campaign on June 5, in conjunction with World Environmental Day, as part of its effort to educate consumers on the benefits of driving a fuel-sipper while getting life-application pointers for improving their own vehicle’s fuel economy. Living in the nation’s capital, not much happens without some level of political motivation. Given all of the regulations on fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions car manufacturers have to comply with, assigning a month to our nation’s fuel economy goals is smart. It’s a way for automakers and consumers alike to put their political positions aside and try to address one issue we all have in common – we want to keep more gas dollars in our pockets. Washington already believes that fuel economy is patriotic, so why not beat the drum along with them? Hyundai will need to garner 25,000 signatures by the Fourth of July. At the time of this post, they had just below 500. So, they have 27 days to obtain 24,500 signatures through their Facebook app (pictured above) and anyone who goes directly to the site (  That’s an average of 907 signees per day. If you want to help make August our national month of being more fuel efficient, help Hyundai achieve it by clicking this link to be taken to the White House petitions website. Disclaimer: The author provides strategic communications services for organizations that represent the auto industry, including Hyundai. The views expressed in this post are solely the author’s and were not solicited by any third party.

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