Hybrid Cars Might Be Harmful for Driver’s Health, Study Reveals

Fri, 01/29/2010 - 01:04

It is known to everyone that hybrid cars are environment friendly as compared to typical gas powered car. Some skeptics are of a view that these green cars might be harmful to a driver’s health.

The magnetic fields produced when a hybrid car moves at a slow speed are of concern. At the moment, electrical currents moving a hybrid car at slow speeds and helping the engine at high speeds generate magnetic fields which are potentially hazardous to human health according to some research studies.

The National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences both acknowledge the risk of prolong exposure to electromagnetic fields. Their studies have revealed that living close to high voltage lines is linked with a high risk of cancer.

Everyone is exposed to electromagnetic fields or EMFs on an everyday basis generating mostly from cell phones to hair dryers. However according to some, the concern comes from the particular amount of exposure to electromagnetic fields as people use cars daily for a prolonged time period.

Some car owners have complained that they fell ill or got increased blood pressure because of their hybrid cars. These owners had found after testing their cars that the EMF levels from their cars had exceeded the international safety standards.

On the other hand, car manufacturers insist that their cars are safe and don’t pose any health risks to their owners.

The question arises regarding the verdict. At present, the results regarding the dangers of hybrid cars to human health are still uncertain. It would be good to look for Future articles regarding the possible health hazards of hybrid vehicles as additional research is required.

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