How's the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited stack up?

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:39
Best Cars Guide Ranks the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited (1 = worst; 5 = best)  We recently tested the new Santa Fe Limited and we really liked it overall. Read the nitty gritty details in our full review here. Do you have any feedback on this sport utility from Hyundai to add? Overall Ranking: 4 Value: 4.5 – Great price for three rows and all the most desired features for today’s SUV buyer. I’d like to see a few more high-end features that are common today, such as an electronic parking brake and tilt-down mirrors when in reverse. Fuel economy: 5 – Really satisfied with how easy it is to get good mileage in this car. We got 29 highway and 23.6 combined on our trip. Not sure how a full carload would impact this though. Style: 3.5 – I like the style but it’s not memorable, which is perfectly OK for a sport utility vehicle. I’m not asking for Nissan juke memorable, but Hyundai Genesis memorable. Creature comforts: 4 – Pretty much everything you need is here, including well tailored seats that provide proper back support for the long haul. Bluetooth connectivity is a cinch. My husband said I sounded muffled during our car-to-car phone call; the speaker/mic could be located a little farther forward to facilitate more clarity for shorter drivers. I love having satellite radio and a one-touch mile long panoramic roof. The seats easily cool down or heat up, and access to the third row is much better thanks to captain’s chairs. Technology: 3.5- The Santa Fe could elaborate on some of its existing features. For example, if I’m getting 29 mpg I want to know my average speed, how far I’ve gone, etc. The voice command is a bit bossy but I appreciate that it provides you a quick reference guide on how to command it to do something – an issue I’ve flagged on other infotainment systems because each one is different. I disliked the sound transfer that happened when navigation instructions interrupted the radio, but I later discovered I could control which sound had preference through the vehicles settings.

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