How to Wax a Car – Give Your Car a Shiny and New Look

Sat, 07/03/2010 - 09:19

Normally, the majority of car owners prefer to drive a polished and smoothly finished car which probably provide with a brand new look. For this look, professional auto cleaning experts can charge a huge amount of money from you. But, if you know the method of car waxing, you may easily give this shiny and glossy look to your car.

Let us talk about car waxing method which is truly simple and let you be aware about how to wax a car.

Choosing the Right Wax

First of all, before waxing your car, you must check for the best car wax available. As, it is fact that better the car wax, the most likely results you will get from it. So, you first have to take a good quality car wax. Nowadays, car wax is available in various kinds and brands a well. While purchasing a wax for your car, do remember the paint color of your car and take that wax,   which most probably matching with your car paint.

Solid wax:

Solid waxes and car waxing paste is finest for cars with no clear coat, similar to flat matte finishes and sharp finishes on older cars.  Solid wax usually takes a bit of exertion and ability to apply, but on the other hand, Liquid waxing polish is used for cars with clear coat, and high gloss paint as well.  You may also bring into play liquid polish for older cars for additional shield.  Usually, Liquid waxing polish is quite easy and simple to apply, and gives your car that shiny finishes with very least attempt.

Materials and Tools

It requires some tolls and apparatus to apply waxing to your car. Some of these tools are given below:

  • Car wax
  • Hose
  • A bucket of warm lathered water (you may make use of liquid soap, not bar soap or else minced soap)
  • Sponge for applying wax
  • Chamois cloth (synthetic or natural)
  • Flexible and fresh cotton cloths for polishing


  • To begin waxing, first of all you have to work under the shade, like a garage or a sheltered driveway.  You ought to avoid washing and waxing your car under direct daylight, or on a dirty or grimy place.
  • Next, clean dust and wreckage by hosing down the car.  Wipe the water off with a chamois cloth.
  • Allow the car to dry completely before applying the wax.
  • Employ a little amount of wax to widen a thin, smooth layer on the surface of your car. This way helps to break up your car exterior to quarters or fractions that will assist you apply wax more consistently.
  • Let the first layer of wax to dry completely ahead of buffing it with a cotton cloth.  You may perhaps require topping off the waxed surface with one more layer of wax to shield the paint job.

Normally, if you know the above simple procedure to wax your car, you probably do not require bringing your car to a professional car care shop for its waxing. It just require to follow the simple steps and then you will have a clean and shiny car look

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