How to Use Hair Plugs to Repair Tires

Fri, 07/02/2010 - 07:01

Using plug method to repair tires is something mysterious. Seeing it installed for the first time brings a feeling of amazement. One gets amazed that it holds air but at the same there is a doubt if it will last more than a couple of days. A fact is that a proper tire repair will last forever. One has to replace the tires with absolutely fine tread because of a nail.

A dead tire can be given a new life for just about 5 dollars and 5 minutes of one’s life by only using a common tire plug. It is very easy.

Never attempt to plug a sidewall

The sidewall of the tire is under various pressures and strains than the part making contact with the road. There can be a blowout if the sidewall of tire is plugged. This must never be tried.

Finding the offending object

The tire has to be rotated to find the evil tiny metal object that was responsible for making the life unpleasant. It will be a big one and easy to remove if a person is lucky. It must be quickly pulled out. The process has to be done step wise to make the work easy. If the offending object cannot be seen, then the leak would have to found by some other methods.

Marking the spot for the tire repair

Before removing the nail or screw or nail, a piece of tape can be used and put just below the place where it went it. The exact spot having the object can be marked with a marker or pen. This will help in finding the hole again when the metal object is out of there. If it is not marked than it will be very hard to locate the spot.

Removing the metal object to start the tire repair

When there is a need to inspect the hole later, the screw or nail can be now removed from the tire. It would have to be gripped with pliers or vise grips. In case if it is a screw, it can just be unscrewed.

Reaming out the hole in the tire

There is a tool in the tool kit that looks like a round file with a handle. This tool is used for cleaning and roughing up the hole in the tire before plugging. This tool should be rammed into the hole. Moving it up and down few times will make the inside rough. There is no need to wreck one’s mind on it and few solid pumps will do it.

Threading the tire repair plug tool

As the little tar worms are concerned, they are not a very clean way for repairing tires although it works. One of them can be peeled off and threaded through the tool having an eye on its one end; it looks like a giant needle. The end of the worm has to be pinched for getting it in there. May be it will take some time but it will be done. It has to be pulled through until it is centered in the plugging tool.

Plugging it to repair the tire

When the worm is threaded into the plugging tool, the tool’s end has to be stuck into the hole in the tire. When it is in only a little, it must be pushed so that the plug and tool penetrates into the hole. It will take power to push it in; a tight fit is needed for holding in all the air. The plug has to be pushed in until only half inch sticks out. The plugging tool can now be pulled straight out leaving the plug at the place where it is supposed to be in the hole.

If there is something available to cut off the ends of the plug, then use it trimming it close to the tire. If there is nothing available, it can be trimmed later.

Finally the tire can be filled with air and proper tire pressure must me ensured. Now the work is hundred percent done.

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