How to Reset a Lincoln LS Check Engine Light

Sat, 04/11/2009 - 14:09

In most vehicles the Lincoln LS comes up with a system of sensors usually called as On Board Diagnostics or OBD II to guarantee that all the emissions elements on the vehicle are working well. When one of these components breaks down, it then drives a trouble code to the engine computer. As a response the computer sends a signal to illuminate the “Check Engine” light in the dashboard. It requires a diagnostic code scanner to reset the “Check Engine” light. This device help you know which element is in the wrong; after you make the appropriate repair, the device will then clear the trouble code from the engine’s computer. Now we will briefly discuss how to reset a Lincoln LS check engine light.

Things you’ll need:

The only thing you will require is:


Step 1:

First of all, discover the diagnostic port. You will probably find it underneath the dash below the steering column.

Step 2:

Secondly attach the scanner with the diagnostic port.

Step 3:

Now put the key in the ignition, as well as turn this key to “Run.” Don’t turn the engine on.

Step 4:

Next push the button on the scanner that has title similar to “Check for Trouble Codes” or something alike.

Step 5:

Let the device do its task and provide it with enough time for scanning.

Step 6:

Push the button on the scanner revealing “Clear Trouble Codes” or something alike.

Step 7:

Now turn the ignition off.

Step 8:

Separate the scanner from the diagnostic port.

Tips & Warnings:

  • If you don’t have a diagnostic scanner and still don’t want to purchase it then don’t worry as several large auto parts stores just read as well as clear trouble codes with a little cost or for free.
  • Resetting the “Check Engine” light will not be too useful, to resolve this problem that resulted in the light to illumine in the first place. If not properly tackled, this trouble can bring severe damage to your vehicle.

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