How to Replace the Headlight Bulb

Tue, 05/02/2017 - 14:10

In case one forgets to occasionally check the car’s headlights, a fleet of black and white cruisers will happily do it. Although they are a bit expensive and that can end up in a court with the picture of one’s car. If one is active than the front of the car can be observed otherwise the option is to wait until one is behind a long trailer to check them.

If the bulb of a car’s headlight needs to be replaced then a person at the auto shop can be paid more than the price of a new bulb and he will do the job. If one has to do the job by himself which would be much better then take a step to make it happen.

The procedure which is explained below covers mostly halogen headlight system in which the bulbs are loaded in the back of the lens. If a car has beam headlights that are sealed then that will not help.

Getting Ready to Replace the Headlight Bulb

Things needed:
Normally, no tools are needed at all.

Locate the Bulb Holder:

The bonnet has to be propped safely open. The bulb holder can be located by looking around the back of the head light. It has three wires coming out from a plug and has a shape of a trapezoid.

Unplugging the Headlight Wiring


Remove the Wiring Harness:

A plug is attached to those three wires that is located itself at the base of the headlight. A metal clip, plastic catch or a screw cap holds this plug.
For a plastic catch:

A small level can be seen coming up at the top of the plug. This has to be pressed down with the thumb while the plug is pulled firmly and gently. It will come out.

For a metal clip:

It can be just pulled up and it will come off in the hand. It should be dropped because when these objects drop on the floor, they are hard to see just like stick bugs in the woods are hard to see.

For a screw cap:

The screw cap can be easily unscrewed by turning it in anti clockwise direction.

Out with the Old Headlight Bulb


Removing the Old Bulb:

As there is no wiring on the way, the bulb can be pulled out by holding on to the base. The bulb might have to be rotated slightly to release it although this is uncommon nowadays

In With the New Bulb

Put the New Bulb in Place:

Before taking out the new bulb from the package, it has to be clean with a tissue or a soft clean cloth. In some cases, the oil on the skin can burn the glass bulb prematurely if it gets on it. If touching the bulb is required then a tissue can be used.
The end of the bulb’s plug can be held and fixed into the back of the headlight. It can be visually confirmed that the bulb is properly fixed. One can tell because it will be evenly lined up and the rubber gasket of the bulb will not be seen.

Light up the car

Finally, the wiring can be plugged back in and the bulb will be secured again. It should be tested. Hopefully it will work. Now the work is successfully completed and the road to automotive empowerment continues.

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