How to Replace Coolant – Coolant Replace Guide

Thu, 07/02/2009 - 04:50

If the cooling system of your car is not working appropriately it may bring severe results for instance it may cause your car engine to gain excessively high temperature, providing with insufficient functioning or even getting leaks as well. So, you must have adequate knowledge about how to replace coolant to keep away from these things to happen. You have a simple procedure to carry out this task quite simply.

What you’ll need:

You will need the following things in this way:

  • Car engine (you must know where the cooling system is located)
  • Rag
  • Drain pan
  • Garden hose



  • First of all, get ready your car for this course. Keep in mind that engine should be cool ahead of doing this task. Now apply the brakes and then open the hood.
  • After that, take away the radiator cap cautiously. Now rub your finger in the mixture to check if there is rust, oil or anything alike. If it is there then clean your cooling system and then move ahead to the next step.
  • Check if there are leaks in radiator clamps and hoses. Then if you have put the coolant out of the system you have to repair them too to avoid any damage.
  • Now you have to find the drain valve for this course look under the radiator bottom and when you come across it, place a drain pan under it.
  • Now, loosen the cooling system drain valve and remove the radiator cap too.
  • Now wait until the coolant drain from the system and fall into the pan. Put the drain pan under bleed screw of engine block and then take it away.
  • When coolant stopped draining from the cooling system, take away the pan.
  • Now, put a garden hose over the radiator neck. And turn it on after that supply water there through cooling system and keep running water until it becomes clean from engine plug and radiator drain vale.
  • Let the water draining from the system and after that make tighter the engine drain valve, plug and radiator.
  • Get some antifreeze mixture and fresh water. Refill your cooling system with the water through the radiator neck.
  • Now start your engine and go away for few minutes, until your car thermostat turns on. Make sure that the coolant reservoir has got new coolant.
  • Let the engine cool in case if your car does not have a reservoir container. Remove the radiator cap and fill the system with a fresh new coolant. The level ought to reach an inch below the radiator neck’s bottom. You are advised to check it regularly until you get to the required level.

For better performance of coolant system, try to replace the coolant after two years. If you follow the given steps appropriately you would not have any problem at all.

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