How to Remove inner door panel on a 2005 Ford F150

How to Remove inner door panel on a 2005 Ford F150

It always seems complex and difficult to remove inner door panel of your vehicle if you are not familiar with its appropriate way. Although it is time consuming but there are certain steps that let you enable to easily carry out this task. Here’s how to remove inner door panel on a 2005 Ford F150. This procedure is applicable for other Ford models that include Ford 250 and Ford 350 as well.

Things you’ll need:

To perform this task, you will require the following things:

  • Metric Socket Set
  • Small Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Large Flat Head Screw Driver


Step 1:

Put the small flat head screw driver in the small rectangular opening which is found above the inner door handle and then take out the cover plate exposing metric bolts. Now take off bolts and pull the door handle out.

Step 2:

Next do away with the arm rest plate that contains the power window switch while lifting up on the plate at the seam. Disconnect the connector from the switch. Remove a metric bolt under the plate.

Step 3:

Now take out all the bolts that are there at the bottom of the panel.

Step 4:

Take away the upper panel which is above the main panel on the post of the rear doors) by using the large screw driver, then lift up the panel and come across the retaining clips, then slip the screw drive up to them and pry them off gradually and vigilantly and cover the screwdriver with electrical tape to avoid scratching the paint. Find the metric bolt and remove them.

Step 5:

Now you can remove the door panel. Push the panel straight up from its bottom to slip it up less than an inch and remove the door. Now locate the open holes in the panel and guide the wire for the power windows plus door handle assembly through these holes.

Written by Petra

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