How to Put on Tire Chains – Tire Chains Guide

Sat, 09/12/2009 - 16:00

You will probably require putting on tire chains in case when you drive on thick snow or roads covered with mud or slush to gain full control and hold of your vehicle. Don’t worry if are not aware how to put on tire chains as the following steps will completely assist you in this regard.

Tire Chains

You will need the type of chains for your vehicle that must be suitable for the size of its tires. Almost every auto supply store provides you with tire chains. Although, there are certain things you ought to keep in mind while purchasing tire chains.


Link strength:

It is very essential to look over the tire chain for its links to verify that they are in form that can hold up the weight of your vehicle and pressure of road as well. If it is not like this, it can seriously cause harm.

Build and thickness:

It is better to buy tire chains that are frivolous and durable as well. Avoid purchasing tire chains having slight or else damaged links. You are advised to keep away from the chains with sharp edges as it may put scratch on tire treads or even can puncture the tire at all.



You have to follow these steps to put on tire chains:

  • Initially, you have to find to drive your car in a safe place where there is not any traffic coming.
  • Usually, tire chains are mounted on the driving axle of your vehicle. For instance if you have a rear wheel drive vehicle, then mount the chains on rear vehicles or if you have a front wheel or four wheel drive then put on chains on front wheels. Avoid putting on chains on all four tires.
  • Try to cover chains from the 7 o’clock to the 2 o’clock. A number of people usually put down the tire chains on the plane and drive over the chains but it may result into the damage of screws and J-hooks on the tire chains.
  • At this moment, take away your car about a foot forward to pin the length of tire chains on earth.
  • Always try to ft the chain around the tire safely. In case if you have purchased right sized chains for your tires you would not have to be worry about fitting chains around the tire.
  • Make use of J-hooks, screws and latches to protect the tire chains. It is better to tie the loose ends alongside the sidewall with twist-ties to protect the tire chains properly.
  • Do again the same procedure with other driving wheel of your car.

You are supposed to drive your car (having tire chains mounted on it) speed less than 30 miles per hour. It will let the tire chains to properly grip the road while you are driving.

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