How to Protect Your Car During a Hurricane

Sun, 06/23/2019 - 05:40

They come from the sea. With blisteringly high winds, the damage sweeps in. Lives are lost and millions of dollars in damage is done. A hurricane is a severe weather event and can strike anywhere there’s an abundance of water. You may have experience with these scary situations.

Experience or not, being prepared is the first step when protecting yourself against Mother Nature. Not only do you need to think about your safety, but you also need to think about your home, your family and friends, and your car.

It’s not possible to completely protect your vehicle from a hurricane. Protection may do nothing if it gets blown away. In most cases, though, you can take precautions that minimize the damage your car will undoubtedly face in the wake of a hurricane.

Park in a Safe Location

Try and park your vehicle inside. A garage is an excellent spot to do this, but you can also do so in a parking garage. These structures are massive and may be able to help protect your car if a hurricane hits.


Should have been in a garage…

You can also try and find a building that you can use for cover from the high winds. Additionally, power lines and trees are antagonists in hurricanes. They cause damage you may not anticipate, so try not to park anywhere near them.

If you live in an area that is known for hurricane and hurricane-related weather events, you may want to invest in a reinforced garage door. Doing so will keep the monetary damage down on your house. The door doesn’t have to be an eyesore — sometimes, preparing for a disaster can be done with a bit of flair.

Fill up Your Gas Tank

Filling up the tank is crucial for the aftermath of a hurricane. When the hurricane blows through, it’ll leave you with a lot of emotions — shock, fear, anger and confusion. Filling up the gas tank eliminates an extra step when you’re dealing with all those emotions. As the hurricane draws to a close, you can get out on the road and don’t have to worry about finding gas at a time of crisis.


Store Important Items in Your Home

Your car probably houses a lot of important papers. The registration, insurance, and other information may be sitting in your glove compartment. What happens to them when a hurricane hits? Make copies and keep those in your house. In the aftermath, the last thing you want to deal with is the missing registration for your car. Businesses may not be forgiving, so it’s important to keep the papers in a safe spot that you can access in a jiffy.

Take Pictures Before the Storm


Protecting your car comes in many forms. In addition to its safety, you can also protect its ownership by responsibly taking pictures of its condition before the hurricane. Doing so gives you concrete proof of what the car looked like before the disaster. Snapping some pictures helps cut down the time afterward when all you want to do is help those in need and cobble your life back together.

Hurricanes happen rather quickly. They destroy everything in their path, and they change lives forever. If you get caught in one, you don’t have to be a victim. You can stand tall. You beat the hurricane by being prepared.

Having a plan for your car will help allay other worries once the storm is over. You deserve the best when it comes to cleaning up. Taking these precautions beforehand will make your life easier in a time of great crisis.

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