How to Prevent Leakage in Radiators – Radiator Guide

Sun, 07/19/2009 - 03:17

Radiators can have pinholes that cause radiator leakage. The reason behind this is normally rust or corrosion because of excessive air that developed in the system. And air props up this corrosion more. The best solution for this problem is to change the radiator with new one.

Before you decide to change radiator you first have to make out its cause. If cause could not be understood, then you are supposed to change the radiator at normal intervals. The given procedure helps you know how to prevent leakage in radiators.


Materials Needed:

You may need the following materials to start on:

  • Black pepper
  • Raw eggs
  • Water hose spray


Another reason that causes radiators leakage is overheating. However there are certain instructions and guidelines that help preventing radiators from leakage. Some of these important instructions are given below:

  • First of all, you must take an inspection ahead of driving your car regularly. At the time when engine is cool its coolant level must always lie between MIN (minimum) and MAX (maximum) range.
  • You must identify loose connections, cracks reservoir tank and radiator tank as well for any inappropriate attachments.
  • Cleaning the radiator also prevents leakage. Now it is up to you whether you take away the radiator at its maintenance or not.
  • You are advised to avoid bending the radiator fins at the time of its cleaning.
  • Water hose is useful to spray the core surfaces of radiator until the stain has been taken away from flowing out of radiator core.
  • If no more stain is seen then spray the backside of radiator with compressed air vertically. Keep in mind that the pressure should not exceed 71 PSI. Keep the spray nozzle above the core of radiator and at distance of about one foot.
  • The radiator core surface can be sprayed in a vertically downward direction once in a minute even there remain no water sprays on radiator core.


Tips and Warnings:

It is convenient to always verify the coolant level of your vehicle to avoid leakage while driving. If coolant of engine is continuously decreasing after each check, it means there is a leakage somewhere in the cooling system. Bring your car or vehicle to a good repair shop to take away any kind of leakage at all. Black pepper as well as raw eggs are useful to stop this leakage.

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