How to Paint a Base Coat with Clear Coat Paint

Mon, 07/27/2009 - 07:18

The color you see on your car is actually the base coat of your car. This base coat is normally known as the color coat. Color coat is usually very dull and could not provide the demanding shine of your vehicle alone. Hence it needs another paint to give the car a shiny and glossy look. In this case, the clear coat paint is applied on the base color coat. You can see custom painted vehicles with about eight coat of clear coat paint for a high sheen shine. This clear coat paint not just offers shine but also shield the color coat from several destructive Ultra Violet rays. Here’s how to paint a base coat with clear coat paint.

Things you’ll need:

The important things you will need take in the following:

  • Automotive clear coat paint
  • Paint gun
  • Masking tape and paper
  • 800-, 1000- and 1200-grit sandpaper (wet)
  • Water
  • Liquid rubbing compound
  • Orbital polisher

Step 1:

Let the base coat of paint to get completely dried earlier than applying the clear coat paint.

As if you apply the clear coat paint to the current wet paint it can result in the paint job look dull, and for this you have to repair it except sanding it down completely and then moving ahead.

Step 2:

Mask off all other parts of your car that would not be painted. These parts may take in the glass, lights, wheels, trim pieces as well as key holes.

Step 3:

Now you are ready to paint your car with clear coat paint. Apply its three or four coats while beginning with the top of the vehicle and move toward the bottom. Try to maintain each stroke light and allow each coat to dry for about 15 minutes. Leave it for a full day for all of the clear coat paint to get dried.

Step 4:

After that, park your car in the daylight to check if there are any dashes in the paint. If you feel any run there, or if you want to get even better shine then use an 800-grit sandpaper to sand you car. Don’t forget to keep the sandpaper soaking wet all the time. Sand your car with your hands and keep it smooth and even on the car surface. Go over this step but now with 1000- then 1200-grit sandpaper for smoothest and gleaming results. Finally wash your car completely and let it dry.

Step 5:

Now use a liquid rubbing compound and pour it on the polishing pad of an orbital polisher. Polish the whole car until it shines well.

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