How to Install a New Radio in a Subaru Forester

Sun, 01/11/2009 - 15:52

Subaru Forester has cassette deck in it since many years but its owner sometimes want to replace this cassette deck with CD or MP3 player. Although changing or replacing a new radio comes with several options but it is still pretty simple task to carry out and this thing has made it quite popular since few years. You can do it on your own with cheap worth. Here’s how to install a new radio in a Subaru Forester.

Things you’ll need:

The helpful tools to install a radio take in the following one:

  • Screwdriver
  • Stereo installation kit

Step 1:

Begin with opening the hood and then detach the negative (usually black) battery cable from the negative battery terminal.

Step 2:

Now attach the wiring harness with the wiring harness adapter that is found with your new radio. In addition connect the wiring harness adapter plus antenna to the new radio. Slip the new radio in its appropriate place.

Step 3:

Next drive the trim that surrounds the radio face back into place.

Step 4:

Turn the dashboard piece back into its place.

Step 5:

Attach the plastic trim around the shifter again by simply pressing it back on its place.

Step 6:

After that put the plastic panel back to its original position i.e. around the emergency brake and then turn it back into place.

Step 7:

Connect the negative (black color) battery cable to the negative battery terminal again.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Don’t be hurry while slipping the new unit into its place as if you do so it will allow the wiring harness to disengage.
  • If you find that the new radio is not fitting into the stock opening, make use of the clips that re provided in the kit as spacers. Attach one clip to each side of the radio.
  • Verify that the negative battery cable is not making contact with any part of the car when it is detached.
  • Check that new radio you bought has an installation kit with it for your Subaru Forester. If it is not provided, it will become quite difficult or even impossible for you to install a new radio to your Subaru Forester.

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