How to Hypermile Guide

Hypermile is an activity undertaken by those who want to make the most out of the money that they spend on fuel. The cost of fuel increases on daily basis and this has been a real problem for many people. If these things go on in this pace, then they are going to put car owners in real trouble. A real alternative or a suitable measure to tackle this problem is by undergoing hypermile. The methods that we’ll tell have to be followed the right way, otherwise they may create problems.

Steps to hypermiling :-

Step 1: If you are thinking of hypermiling, there are tons of easy to follow methods that you can try daily while you drive your vehicle. It won’t be that tough. You should go for your car maintenance at least once in a month. If you do it more frequently, then it would be really great. The more the maintenance, the better will be the results that you’ll get from Hypermiling.

Step 2: Lubricating the different parts of your vehicle can make it free from wear and tear. If you don’t do it, your vehicle may slow down and it won’t be able to make use of the fuel that it’s getting in a better way. You should take care of the psi values associated with your tires on a regular basis. Make sure that they are at a good mark so that it is not using more fuel than required.

Step 3: Go for smart driving and drive your vehicle the way it should be done. You should know when to apply brakes and how to go for acceleration and decceleration. Practicing smart driving can save a lot of fuel.

Some other techniques to do hypermile :-

Step 1: There are some techniques followed by experts who have long driving experience. Powerslide, drafting and full coasting are the three main techniques. You may follow any one of the techniques or even all the three methods to do hypermile.

Step 2: Full coasting is all about throttling the engine to its maximum speed. And soon after that, the driver makes the engine to stop suddenly. This is called Full Coasting. And the process of Drafting is all about making use of the forward momentum of the vehicle. Powerslide on the other hand is pretty tough thing – drive at high speed in order to approach a curve and exit the curve also with the same speed.

Written by Bruno

2011 Renault Wind

2011 Renault Wind