How to get the radio code for your Mitsubishi free

Wed, 05/25/2016 - 04:11

In case if you put back the radio on your Mitsubishi but find it ineffectual don’t worry as you can solve this problem on your own by simply using a radio code for your Mitsubishi model. So you would not require any professional to carry out this task. Remember that Mitsubishi presents the unlock radio code without any price. Here’s how to get the radio code for your Mitsubishi free.

Things you’ll need:

All you need to get free radio code for your Mitsubishi is:

  • A telephone
  • Possibly a phillips screwdriver
  • Possibly a dental mirror


Step 1:

If you see the radio of your Mitsubishi speaking “OFF” or “CODE” while you turn it on you have to unlock its anti-theft feature. If it is the case then turn the key to ACC for about 5 minutes with the radio on, as well as displaying “OFF”. After passing 5 minutes the radio will automatically turn itself off. Now you have to turn the key off and after that back on again. The radio ought to now display “CODE”.

But if it isn’t the case you the require detaching the battery for 5 minutes, and then go over the 5 minutes radio on displaying “OFF” with key in ACC until the radio automatically turns itself off as it is supposed to do. Now if it says “CODE” move to step 2. Keep in mind that the radio has to show “CODE” to enter unlock code.

Step 2:

It usually happens that several people have radio code but could not find them.

Earlier than moving toward step 3 you first have to observe your car owner’s manual, and glove box as well.

Often a car is sold along with a small business card having the unlock code on it. It may be in the owner’s manual slip cover, or otherwise between the pages, or in the glove box. You can easily find it in these locations if not tat it must be there in your car’s paper work, finding it on your own will probably save a lot of time.

The radio code is usually a 4 digit number such as 1304, 0897, etc. and it is individual to the radio’s serial number, not the car’s VIN number. So the VIN will not helpful in this way. The next step will let you enable to find the radio’s serial number.

Step 3:

In most cases the radio’s serial number is found on the left side of the case that is inside the dashboard. It is then required to remove the front that is around the radio cautiously to disclose it.

In the majority of vehicle models you can simply make use of a small dental style mirror to watch the code exclusive of fully taking the radio out. But if are unable to see it you have to bring it out. Avoid cutting off anything and just pull it out enough to watch the numbers.

Usually the model number begins with MNxxxxx, which is not the number you require. This serial will be an 8 digit number, having no letters at all. Mostly it will be similar to the model number.

Step 4:

After acquiring your serial number you can then call Mitsubishi Motors of North America at 1-888-648-7820, M-F 7am – 4pm Pacific time. In return they will provide you with your unlock code for free.


Step 5:

Once you got your unlock code you can use it by following some specific steps although Mitsubishi motors will also let you know about this procedure but you can easily understand it here. There are four buttons named 1,2,3,4 on your radio toggle up only ranging form the digits 0-9. In this way 1 preset button is the primary digit holder, and so on for the 4 digit code.

If you happen to go very far you have to just keep pressing the button, and it will let you get back to 0, and eventually to the right number. For instance if your unlock code contains a 0 in it you should press the button one time to get to 0. It usually begins with a dash (-) which is not taken as 0.

For example if your unlock code is 0873, in this case you will have to press preset 1 one time, preset 2 9 times, preset 3 8x, plus preset 4 4x. When you enter the correct number in the display, next press the “CD” button, and it will result in unlocking your radio. But if you did not insert the right number it will display “ERR1″ sooner than going back to the “CODE” display. Try to do I in first other second attempt if you could not then things will become more complicated.

Tips & Warnings:

  • There are some local dealerships that intentionally want to charge for this code. As it is provided by Mitsubishi motors for free so don’t pay anyone for this code it is a scam obviously. These people call the same number given above in the article and obtain the code for free. Although they made several people fool and got about $75 for a FREE service.


  • This is the same matter nearly with all types of vehicles that if their radio locks the car’s manufacturer presents the unlock code for free.
  • There are some web sites as well that offer you to send the unlock code for a fee and do the same thing, but charge anywhere about $15 to $35, for an absolutely FREE service.
  • Once you have got your radio unlock code write down it to a clean paper and keep it with you in your car to use it next time if the radio get locked again.
  • However this free service is not provided with cars 2003 and newer because it was a bad idea at all which makes it free of cost.
  • If you are required to remove your dashboard panel or else the radio, be very cautious. First see how the panel is attached, plus avoid forcing anything. Verify that you have taken out all the mounting screws, and make use of a small and thin screwdriver to slide the mounting tabs loose, and hold panel pops up at the base where they tend to slip into the panel as a result you don’t pull the pop out of the panel rather than the dashboard base.
  • Avoid entering random numbers while unlocking your code as after 3 failed attempts the radio got another lockdown mode, and unlocking it becomes complex.

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