How to Get Great Pictures and Videos of Your Car

Sat, 11/12/2016 - 06:49

Cars are something to be proud of. While some people see the vehicles they own as simply tools for getting from point A to point B, others hold a bit more value to them. The car can quickly evolve from a piece of machinery to a part of the family. Likewise, if you care about your car and want to show it off, you can do so by putting photos and video almost anywhere on the Internet.

Instagram, Facebook and Craigslist are just a few places to put these photos and videos of your beautiful automobile. You’ll want a good quality photo or video, though, right? Representing your car in all its glory is crucial to upholding its legacy. But, how do you take an awesome photo or video of your car?

How to Photograph Your Car

If you’ve got the cash, then getting in contact with a professional studio may be the way you want to go. Car photography is a real thing, and people travel to these places to make their car look like the beautiful and complex machines they really are. A professional studio will take care of the lighting and give you a result you’ll love. If you decide not to use a studio, you can surely apply the tips they use for your own gains.

Washing your car is key. A great photo can quickly turn into a gross one if there’s dirt and grime smothered on the car — unless that’s your intent.

Next, you’ll want to position the car. Find a great spot where light bounces and creates amazing effects. Angles are important! After you find a spot you like, take aim and shoot.

When you’re done, you may want to touch up the photos in Photoshop. Other than that, the only equipment required for shooting your car is a cell phone — or a more specialized camera if you have one — and a car.


How to Film Your Car

If you choose to film your car, a Go Pro is an absolute must. Its flexibility and mobility makes it a choice that is unmatched by conventional video cameras. What makes the Go Pro special is the variety of camera shots you can take — so many unique angles and so little time! For equipment, you’ll need a safety line, a suction cup and a camera. That’s it!

Fixing the Go Pro on your grille can lead to exiting and action-oriented shots. The low level of the camera introduces speed, and it blows the audience away as the ground beneath them disappears in a blur.

If you don’t like the idea of mounting the camera where you won’t be able to see it, though, a rolling car shot works great, too. To perform this shot, just mount the suction cup on the side of a second car. You capture your driving and get fantastic shots in the process!

Another popular Go-Pro shot that’s easy to do requires you to mount the camera in your car. Stick the suction cup to the roof of the car, placing it in between the driver and passenger seats. The shot ends up showcasing both the driver and passenger. It’s great for capturing conversations — and any crazy passenger reactions!

If you’re looking for something a bit more frantic, mounting the camera onto the back side of your car and pointing it backward can capture some intense chases.

Getting Your Own Go Pro

If you do decide to use the Go Pro, prices vary. One of the more popular choices is the Hero 4 Silver. It’s $399.99. You can also buy a suction cup specifically built for the Go Pro. One of the suction cups is priced at $39.99. A plethora of other equipment is also available for the Go Pro if you want to strap it other places. Head straps and chest harnesses are two options.

Capturing your car in all its glory with either photography or film is completely doable. Both choices bring out unique elements of the car. Whichever path you choose, always remember to be safe — and most of all, have fun!

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