How to Gap a Spark Plug – Spark Plug Guide

Wed, 06/10/2009 - 15:45

For better engine performance of your car, auto enthusiasts and car fanatics often play a vital role. One approach to carry out for this purpose is to lay down fresh gaps on your car engine’s spark plugs.  In the next section, we will discuss about some tools as well as the particular steps or procedure that will help us know how to gap a spark plug.

Why Gap Spark Plugs?

For an inner combustion engine to work, engine fuel requires to be ignited to push the pistons down the cylinder with sufficient force to move about the flywheel.  The starting place of ignition for the majority engines is the spark plug.  Spark plugs work by creating an electric arc from the electrode found in the plug.  The electric arc produced in the spark plug is exposed to the fuel air blend found in the cylinder, and causes the ignition cycle to begin.

Normally the gap is the space among the center electrode and the ground electrode.  A number of specialists in auto adjustment set the distance of the gap to get better the efficiency of the car engine.  Gapping is in addition a measure that you can acquire if you call for repairing older or else insolvent spark plugs.


To gap a spark plug, you may require the following tools:

  • Vendor’s manual of your car
  • Socket wrench with an lengthen ratchet
  • Gapping tool (you can pay money for this tool from any automotive supply supermarket)


To set the gap on a spark plug, go behind these steps:

  • Pass on to your owner’s manual to make sure the agreed distances for spark plug gapping.
  • With the socket wrench and ratchet, do away with the spark plugs from their receptacles.  Make certain that you remember or get note of the arrangement of the spark plugs.
  • Take away any trash or dirt found in the spark plug electrodes.
  • Ensure the gap with the gapping instrument.  If the gap is excessively large, you can push the ground electrode on a flat plane to slight the gap.

  • If the gap is too thin, push the gapping tool into the gap among the center and ground electrode until you get to the accurate distance pointed out on the gapping tool.
  • Just the once you have set the gaps on all spark plugs, put back them on the engine block in the appropriate order, and check the engine as well.

Car customization and engine adjustment may possibly not be for every person, although it pays to have a little knowledge about engine, auto amendment and patch up as well.  With the steps described above, you can securely gap the spark plugs on your car to progress efficiency and performance.

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