How to Figure Car Gas Mileage

Sat, 01/03/2009 - 07:02

It is useful for a car owner to be aware of his car gas mileage as it not only keep him responsive about the cost he is paying for gas but also inform him if there is a potential motorized issue with his car. It is not too difficult or complex to find it. Let us discuss the steps about how to figure car gas mileage.



First of all, you have to fill your car wholly full with gas. In this case you have to fill the gas tank until the pump stops. Try to avoid overfilling the tank as it can result into a fuel leak on the ground


Secondly, reset the trip meter which can be done by simply pressing a button on the front of your dash. You may find it as a little stick, jutting from the plastic where your speedometer and tachometer is to be found. Confirm that trip meter reads 0 earlier than leaving the station.


After that you are supposed to drive normally, because if you drive on the highway you will get more mileage than if you drive in town. You may wait until the tank is completely unfilled; otherwise wait until the tank is partially full.


Now drive your car to a gas station and fill the tank again. You ought to see a gallon meter to monitor how many gallons you have pumped. After noting the gallons on gallon meter, write down it two decimal places to the right. Now pay for your fuel and sit in your car again. Check the trip meter of your car to know how many miles you have covered, note that number and divide it by the gallons you have used up till now. For instance, if drive your car 230 miles and you pumped 6.2 gallons of gas, then you would obtain 37. This lets you know how many miles you traveled for that tank of gas. This was the simple way to know about your car gas mileage.

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