How to Deal with Stuck Gas Pedal

How to Deal with Stuck Gas Pedal

Toyota has recently recalled over 5 million cars whose gas pedals stuck causing some vehicles to wildly accelerate.

There have been 52 reported deaths associated with runaway Toyota cars. Ray LaHood who is the Transportation Secretary had announced that the Obama administration is planning to require all cars and trucks sold in USA to have brakes that have the ability to supersede gas pedals.

The question arises that what a driver will do if the gas pedal sticks. It is an unbelievable task to drive a car that is stuck in acceleration. Considering this problem, this article will discuss about five things which should be done in case the gas pedal gets stuck.


1. NEVER pump the brake

Never attempt to pump the brake because it can actually reduce the vacuum that is utilized for the power brake help making the brakes less effective.

2. Step on the brake pedal with both feet

According to consumer reports, it is recommended to apply steady and firm pressure on the brake pedal. Turn off the engine once the car stops.

3. Shift your transmission into Neutral

When the car stops, shift the transmission to neutral.

4. Turn off the engine if vehicle is unable to be put in neutral.

Although this will not be a cause of loss to brake control or steering, the power assist to these systems will be lost.

5. DON’T remove the key from the ignition

The engine should be now turned off, turn the ignition key to the ACC position. Don’t take out the key from the ignition as it will lock the steering wheel.

Written by Charles

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