How to Create the Perfect Garage for Your Car

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 00:24


A garage can be so much more than a place to park your car. It can be an environment for car enhancements and repair; a place of learning and experience as you hone your automotive skills. This can be made possible by organizing your garage with cars in mind, beyond the basic parking function.

A utopian vision of a car garage includes decked-out gadgets, sleek lifts and premium flooring. Any decently sized garage can one day meet this vision, which is the aim for many car enthusiasts. It’s certainly possible to make your garage the envy of many. Start with the tips below:

Illuminate the Garage With Great Lighting

It often goes overlooked by many garages, but lighting is everything. Flickering and wobbly lighting can make car repairs inefficient and dangerous, while ceiling and front-wall fluorescent lights offer a sharp view even during the darkest nights. If you don’t have the budget currently for new light installation, consider using several high-beam portable work lights or a photographer’s floodlight on a tripod for late-night sessions. In general, aim for lights that provide great visibility, yet aren’t so bright that they’ll annoy neighbors.

Lifts Matter

A lift is the go-to way for working on your car’s underside. A hydraulic floor jack with several-ton capacity will do the job, allowing you to access previously inaccessible parts of your car like the chassis. These jacks can be stored easily and don’t take up too much space. A portable two-post lift is also worth considering if you have the budget and high ceilings for it.

Prioritize Flooring With Car Enthusiasts in Mind11329617183_5f6ac2f6d3_z-225x300-5147633-2095728-9117560

Working on a car is usually a dirty job, with dripping oil and dirty hands often making marks on the flooring. Suffice to say, a normal garage floor would be filthy after a few sessions. That’s where specialized flooring systems like Race Deck come into play, offering modular garage floors across six different styles and 14 colors. These floors avoid cracks and epoxy issues, with an easy installation process that includes a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you’d rather do it on your own, apply a two-part epoxy coating to result in a good grip that is resistant to dirt, grease and grime.

Buy an Air Compressor

13793109713_44d24b2c37_z-300x200-1003103-2140433-4912658Most garages don’t have the space for bulky battery-powered tools, so investing in an air compressor instead is a logical alternative. In addition to keeping your tires full, the air compressor can provide power for tools like drills, wrenches and spray guns. You can even mount an air compressor hose on the ceiling to provide for free-flowing functionality. Just be sure to be courteous about which time of day you use it, as air compressors can be quite noisy. Portable air compressors are also an option.

Save Space With Wall Mounts


For a place to put all your car-related tools, use a wall mount instead of a drawer or shelf to maximize space. In addition to saving space, the wall mount will make finding tools a lot quicker, since they’ll all be laid out in front of you. For a budget alternative, mount a pegboard for the same effect by adding one-by-two strips.

Keep Clean With a Shop Vacuum

Car work will undoubtedly result in some messes. Since a normal household vacuum isn’t equipped for handling certain parts and materials, use a wet-or-dry shop vacuum instead. It provides an easy way to clean up whatever trash ends up on the floor, without having to lug your household vacuum around the garage and risk breaking it. Keeping your garage clean will ensure optimal walking and storage space.

With these tips, anyone can transform a decently sized garage into one that resembles a top-notch auto shop. Your car will certainly thank you for constructing a perfect garage in its honor.

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