How to Clean Car Battery Terminals

How to Clean Car Battery Terminals

A car can run well if all of its parts are working efficiently. Any of the part if not functioning properly, causes problems and complexities accordingly and may possibly affect car’s performance. The most common or usual car performance problem arises when its battery terminals get grimy or filthy.

It is quite easy and simple to clean your car battery terminals and you can do it on your own.

Reasons of Dirty or Rotten Battery Terminals:

Similar to other parts of a car, its battery terminals cannot stay original or novel for long time as well. There are lots of reasons that may cause the battery terminals to get dirty or soiled. Lets us look at some of these reasons or causes:

Usually exhaust particles build up all over your engine cove. Most common among these particles are soot and carbon particles that become the reason for dirty battery terminals.

During normal or usual operations, battery acid vapors runoff of your battery but its large amount on your engine build up caustic material on the terminals. It may be harmful for your car’s battery conditional on how much you use your car.

Another factor that may cause battery terminals soiled is heat. Heat usually bake particles into the terminals and make them hard to take away.

Tools for Cleaning Car Battery Terminals:

You may require some tools to clean car battery terminals which make this cleaning procedure quite ease and simple as well. Some of these tools may take in the following:

  • Long-nosed pliers
  • Steel brush
  • Toothpaste (the white paste-type toothpaste, not a gel-type toothpaste)
  • Steel wool
  • Water
  • A stiff kitchen sponge
  • Electrical tape
  • Protective equipment like safety glasses and rubber gloves

Steps for Cleaning Car Battery Terminals:

It is quite simple process to clean your car battery terminals although it requires some effort and exertion. Old cars usually demand more effort for cleaning their battery terminals.

  • First of all you must make it certain that you have protective equipment with you e.g. gloves and goggles as corrosive material may possibly be harmful for your eyes.
  • Next step is to turn off your car engine and also make certain that the engine cove is cool before you begin to clean battery terminals.
  • Turn off the car engine and make sure the engine bay is cool.
  • Now, separate the battery cables from terminals very cautiously by means of a pair of long nosed pliers. You should in no way cut off the battery cables with your hand.
  • Look over the cables for any signs tear. You may well require replacing the cables if they seem on the whole smashed.
  • Now it is time to clean your car battery terminals. You can use steel brush and toothpaste for this process.
  • Toothpaste will be helpful for you as it breaks up the corroded material bring back the conductive outside of the terminals.
  • Wash out the lasting rotten particles with steel wool. Make certain not to work the steel wool excessively firm on the terminals, for the reason that you could risk breaking off the metal from the terminal.
  • Clean the terminals with water and make them dry before you bring back all terminals and cables to their position.

Why You Should Clean Dirty or rotten Battery Terminals:

A bit of rust and grime on your battery terminals generally do no spoil. Numerous drivers and car Vendors don not put concentration to their car battery terminals, and simply think about them when they are damaged to stubs.

There are some reasons why you should clean your battery terminals:


Your car battery powers numerous of your car’s electrical components. When your battery cables and terminals are rotten, the battery cannot send out the essential power to your car’s electrical parts.


An unclean battery terminal that can still carry out electricity has poor conductivity. To make certain the highest performance, you require cleaning your battery terminals every three months.


Short circuited batteries can show the way to stalls and also fires within your engine cove. Cleaning your battery terminals is very essential to keep your car and your passengers secure.

Now you can see that cleaning your car’s battery terminals is a simple process and you have to just follow some easy steps for this course that will provide you with better car performance for a long time.

Written by Charles

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