How to Clean a Car’s Dashboard

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 05:18

People appear to spend more time in cleaning the exterior of the car rather than the interior. The possible fact is that other people are more expected to see the exterior of the car.

When Torque Cars started talking with its members, it was discovered that most of the people feel difficult to clean the interior of the car mainly the dashboard.

First of all, caution must be taken regarding the use of dash polishes. They often contain a silicone element that leaves a sticky deposit and although this appears shiny but it in fact becomes a magnet for grime and dirt.

It is recommended to use sprays and interior dash cleaners of good quality as they will not compromise the maintenance but Torque Cars found out that same thing can be done with household items and a little grease.

The shine from a well reflective dash during bright sunlit days can be serious risk for driving.

The items needed for cleaning the dashboard are a soft sponge, little water preferably from a pre boiled kettle, little CD cleaning liquid and a fiber cloth. A cotton bud will also be helpful in cleaning.

First, the interior of the car has to be vacuumed for removing the particles that most likely stay in the air. The last thing that should be cleaned is the dash because if the dripped cleaner dislodges on the dash while cleaning the windscreen, then the das would have to be cleaned again.

The soft sponge has to be used after making it damp with water. This will clean most of the grime and dirt from the surface of the dashboard.

IPA Isopropyl Alcohol is present in CD cleaner solution which is a mild solvent that will take out stubborn stains without affecting the condition of the plastic. IPA fluid is also useful in removing the remains of previous dash cleaners and polish.

The next step is to get into the corners. A cotton bud is good to use on light moistened for getting into the hard to reach the corners. The CD cleaning fluid can be used again for removing hard stains.

Final touches can be given with microfiber cloth, a felt pad is also useful in giving a good finish. It is better not to use polish at the end because it will make cleaning harder next time.

If the dash has a matt finish, then it should not be rubbed very hard as it is possible to have a smooth patch into the finish.

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