How to Clay Your Car

Sat, 07/28/2012 - 06:49
Claying your car is normally taken as an old process which is the part of detailing any vehicle. It is old but still so useful and essential. If you ever run your fingers over your car surface just after its wash you may feel like something short of a glass surface, yes it is absolutely because there are the contaminants that still need to be removed. Usually this containment is the wax and deep-seated grime that has built up in your car paint. Buffing your car does the same as clay does but it removes some paint from your car as well. Hence, claying is the best way to remove all type of contaminants and you can do it in any manner you want. Here’s how to clay your car. Things you’ll need: The important things you will require include:
  • Micro-fiber towel
  • Clay bar kit
  • Zip-loc bag
Step 1: First of all, wash your car. After it get dried, take away the clay bar from its kit, and then rub it similar to it was dough. Doing this task; will make it warm and hence more flexible as well. Step 2: After that, obtain the detail spray from your kit and then spray it on a 1 ft by 1 ft section, or even smaller. Try to make a nice flat pattern, although it doesn’t require to be soaked off. Step 3: Next run the clay bar over the car region that you just sprayed now. It must move smoothly over the surface, you don’t want to put extra grease on it as it will scrape your paint. Step 4: Once you have done with the small section, wash the area by means of a micro fiber towel. Next feel the paint that you just finished with. Step 5: Now watch the bottom of your clay. That staining that you will observe is actually the dust you have been taking away. Try to fold your clay frequently so to avoid containment that can scratch your car paint. clay-car-1-6389094-9625348-2896282Step 6: Go over the same procedure until you have done it with your whole car then put the clay in the Zip-loc bag for storage. Try to spray some lubricant on it so it would not dry. This clay is ought to last for near about two or three cars, if they aren’t excessively dirty.

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