How to Change the Fuel Filter for a Ford F-250

Wed, 03/06/2019 - 13:20
On a Ford F-250 a fuel filter is a small metal cylinder that is found along the truck’s frame. This filter can get dust or grim and must be replaced as soon as possible. However, replacing a fuel filter is quite a simple and easy task and you can do it on you own self. But you must pay special attention while this replacement as gasoline is extremely flammable, plus gasoline fumes are greatly poisonous. Here’s how to change the fuel filter for a Ford F-250. Things you’ll need: The important things you will require for replacing a fuel filter include:
  • Automotive jack
  • Jack stands
  • Fuel line tool K-D 3321 or equivalent
  • Shop rags
  • Waste oil collection pan
  • Relieving Fuel Pressure
Step 1: Lift up your F-250 as described in your owner’s manual, and hold the truck up with jack stands that are placed beneath the frame. Step 2: Now separate the electrical connector at the gas tank to disconnect the fuel pump. Step 3: Turn the engine on and let it running until it stalls out. Step 4: Next crank the engine for about 5 to 10 seconds to verify that all the pressure in the fuel rail as well as fuel lines is relieved. Step 5: Turn off the ignition switch. Step 6: Cut off the ground cable from the negative battery terminal by making loose the retaining bolt and taking away the clamp from the terminal. Make secure the ground cable to avoid contact between ground cable and negative terminal Step 7: After that connect the fuel pump again by re linking the electrical connector at the gas tank. Removing the Fuel Filter Step 1: First of all, come across the fuel filter. If you feel any difficulty, go behind the steel fuel lines from the tank forward. You will find this fuel filter along the vehicle’s frame. Step 2: Now remove the safety clips on the front and rear of the filter and for this reason squeez the clips plus unhook the small latch. Step 3: Put a waste oil collection pan beneath the filter. Step 4: Make use of the fuel line tool K-D 3321 to cut off the fuel lines from the filter. Put the tool between the filter and the end of the fuel line. Push this tool into the end of the fuel line until unless you listen to a click; after that separate the fuel line from the filter. Remember to consider security here as fuel may overflow. Step 5: Take the fuel filter out from the truck simply by slipping it to the back of the truck to unfasten it from the retaining clamp. Installing the Fuel Filter Step 1: Lift the new filter into position, and slip it further into the retaining bracket. Step 2: Press the fuel lines on the fuel filter inlet and outlet fittings. Listen in for a click. After that you will know the fuel line is safe. Step 3: Slide the fuel lines to reinstall the safety clips. Step 4: Connect the ground cable again to the negative battery terminal simply by pushing the clamp on the terminal and make tighten the retaining bolt. Step 5: Turn on the engine and then visually examine for leaks. Step 6: Make lower the truck.

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